Edgenuity + LaunchPM

Project Details:

General Contractor: RSG Builders

Interior Designer:

Project cost: $3,757,973

About Edgenuity:

Edgenuity is a research-based video course curriculum, which offers more than 185 semester-equivalent core and elective online courses for students, grades 6-12. The program can be used at home or in school. It is used as core curriculum, for intervention, to recover credits, to prepare for standardized assessments, and to prep for some Advanced Placement programs. Course offerings include math, English, science, foreign languages, and career-oriented courses, such as business, IT, and health sciences.

Client Needs & Challenges:

As Edgenuity sought to expand its product and course offerings, the company needed a headquarters building that would offer it the flexibility to grow while supporting the needs of current staff to create a functional work environment. After choosing a building in Scottsdale, Edgenuity faced an aggressive schedule for completing the construction and move-in processes. Unique needs and challenges that arose included the installation of IT equipment and the design of staff offices and meeting rooms.

The LaunchPM Solution:

Edgenuity consulted the LaunchPM team to manage the design and construction of its new building, as well as the move-in process. We assisted at each stage of the project, including pre-project planning, site selection, landlord coordination, vendor management, budget development and cost control management, and much more. With over 25 years of Project Management experience, LaunchPM is adept at anticipating and overcoming obstacles that arise during commercial moves and build-outs. Our goal is to ensure that each client's project is completed successfully, on time and within budget.

With its new corporate headquarters building completed, Edgenuity now has the space it needs to pursue its mission of revolutionizing education through flexible products and solutions for students.