Stratus Technologies + LaunchPM

Project Details:

General Contractor: Stevens Leinweber Construction, Inc.

Interior Designer: Phoenix Design One

Project size: 11,060 s.f.

About Stratus Technologies:

Stratus Technologies fulfills an important mission: keeping business critical applications running without any unplanned interruptions. From small and medium- sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, clients around the world rely on Stratus to deliver continuous technological availability through simple solutions. Although Stratus is headquartered in Massachusetts, the company has had offices in Phoenix for over 25 years.

Client Needs & Challenges:

In order to improve efficiency and reduce rent expenses, Stratus was seeking to downsize its Phoenix office spaces and data center. As the company moved to a new location and renovated the space to accommodate its needs, one of the most important goals was minimizing disruptions in operations—given that Stratus has built a stellar reputation based on its ability to provide nonstop technological support. Specifically, the many pieces of expensive equipment in Stratus’s data center had to be moved quickly and efficiently, at a time scheduled to have the least possible impact on operations.

The LaunchPM Solution:

As the contractors worked hard to ensure that these improvements were completed properly, the LaunchPM team provided oversight for the design and construction processes. We managed scheduling, coordinated with the landlords, and worked with vendors—such as the General Contractor, architects, and interior designers—in an effort to keep the project running on time and within budget.

The process of moving Stratus’s Phoenix offices and modifying the new space to properly accommodate the company’s equipment and employees involved numerous steps and details to consider. With over 25 years of Project Management experience, the LaunchPM team offered the insight and expertise needed to successfully complete the move and tenant improvements.

Renovations of the new office included demolishing existing partitions, installing new finishes, repairing the existing ceiling grid and tiles in order to suit the new layout, rerouting and re-circuiting lighting, and adding a new generator pad.

Knowing that Stratus’s data center is integral to the company’s operations, we paid particularly close attention to this part of the project. Before setting up the new data center, the old one had to be demolished and some of the equipment had to be sent cross-country to the Stratus headquarters. In the new space, certain cables needed to be brought up through the building, and a backup generator added. Our team ensured these steps were taken accurately and efficiently so that the Stratus employees were able to return to work as soon as possible.

With the help of LaunchPM and the vendors who worked on the project, Stratus was able to reduce the square footage of its data center by more than half—a change that will yield significant savings in rent and related expenses. The new office spaces have a vibrant, modern design that will provide a comfortable work environment for employees and facilitate productivity as Stratus continues to deliver reliable support for clients.